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Segran Nair

Director, Open Academic Progammes, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.

“I have worked with Pippa and her colleagues on MBA Orientation and facilitation of group dynamics for the last ten years. It has been an amazing journey to be a part of. Pippa and team are incredibly competent and professional in what they do. Pippa’s ability to convert a concept into a practical beneficial orientation programme, is just superb. With the onset of the pandemic, Pippa and her team were challenged with creating a virtual programme, never to shy from a challenge – they came through with flying colours. Students over the years have had nothing but praise for the team’s insight and allowing them to have such an incredible experience over a short intensive period. Onboarding of students into a demanding programme is no easy task, Pippa and her team always made this much easier for me. I would highly recommend Pippa and her team as their value creation is enormous.”

Inga Wessels


“I enjoyed the structure of the programme and how each day incrementally built on the development of both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. I feel as though I have already been challenged to move beyond my comfort zone and the experience has surpassed my expectations.”

Aarthi Sewpersad

2021 GSB MBA student, Virtual team development

“It has pushed me out my comfort zone with some intense sessions, but the results were fantastic. I have already learnt so much about myself, the strengths of others and the learning path we need to take. It has added immense value in getting through the “awkward” getting to know each other phase and all coming to an understanding of our values, mission, and purpose as a team. GCL has provided a fantastic platform to allow for us understand why groups are exceptionally important.”

Shruti Singh

UCT GSB MBA student

“This experience has added a lot of value to my team. We have started to understand each other’s strengths now and have been able to get a sneak-peek into each other’s personalities. I know a lot is yet to come, but experience has made us all a lot more comfortable with each other.”

Bianca Muller

UCT GSB MBA student

“It has been absolutely phenomenal. The past few days have tested us emotionally, and apart from the fact that it challenged us as individuals, it also brought us closer together.
Every single exercise challenged our thinking. What I appreciated most was how different our views were and how, in the end we could find common ground. This made our team bond even stronger, something we will need to be for the next 2 years.”

Claire Du Trevou Cleveland

GSB MBA student, 2021 Virtual team development

“A HUGE thank you. To you and your team! Our facilitator was amazing with us. As a social facilitator who has spent the last year trying to figure out how to create meaningful engagement online, I am so inspired and impressed. Thank you so much for everything you have put in.”

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